Carl Jr., a burger chain company that once had attractive ads to sell burgers, now is literally begging to buy I embodies. Carl Jr. holds quite a few ideas and during a big campaign day of Twitter on Monday, it has induced them on Inc.  Now it urges this tech giant to buy the burger chains.

It was around 1:30 a.m. E.T. when Carl Jr. Started twitting that it has a bunch of new ideas to accomplish great things under Amazon and those ideas will be twitted every hour on Twitter.

One of such examples include; a “Space shakes”, a “Self Driving Restaurant”, a “Carl’s Foods Markets”, and a “Cloud-Based Restaurant”, that would be particularly situated between the kale chips & juice bar, as per the tweet.

The Chief Marketing Officer at Carl Jr. And Hardees, Jeff Jenkins, said in an exclusive interview with USA Today that; it is to generate a conversation regarding partnership. Further, he said that these tweets are an initiative in staring and watching where this dialogue goes and along with it goes a lot of fun, and to whether they find a spirit of fun with it as much they do.

The fast-food burger chain that debuted with a $5 “all-star meals”, last month in a box, says it also sees uniformity with ubiquitous brown packages of Amazon that’s left at the front doors of the customers.

As per Jenkins message; “You have boxes, we have boxes, we think there’s magic here’’. Though Amazon could not be reached regarding the comment for it.

The twitter account of Carl Jr. that has around 92,000 followers kept tweeting all day long with Hashtags #AmazonBuyUs to grab the attention of Amazon, which people felt a bit desperate.

The appeals were mainly intrigued by the purchase earlier this year of Amazon of Whole Foods Store and willingness of Amazon in expanding into widely variant fields-but that wasn’t fully a joke.

Earlier this year, after dropping a couple of extremely suggestive attractive commercials, Carl Jr. was in search of new innovative ideas in giving a new direction to it. It said that the company will keep continuing in hounding Amazon the rest of this week.