The warehouse chain, Costco Wholesale Corp. that’s popular for its huge store setup, cheap hot dogs, and pizzas, and food sample stations is now coming up with same-day grocery delivery via Instacart as Company looks forward in expanding its customer base.

The Issaquah, Wash., Company declared delivery options in two-days on Thursday- for dry goods two-day delivery option, and for powered grocery delivery by form Instacart a same-day delivery option for orders including fresh fruits.

The two-day delivery option guarantees delivery within two business days that’s available only in the continental areas of the United States. There is a delivery charge for orders that are less than $75. Costco stated that the goods, which are sold to be delivered, will be charged higher than the same goods that are sold in the stores. Though it is yet specific of how much high will be the price.

In “maximum metropolitan areas”, the same-day option of delivery lets customers to select a one- hour window and during that time their order will arrive. There is a delivery fee for orders costing less than $35. The prices of goods will be 15 to 17 percent higher than that of the stores. Costco also stated that during checkout there will be an additional fee of 0%, though shoppers may go for not paying the service.

On Thursday in an earnings call, the chief financial officer and vice president of Costco said; that the options for delivery are more “fill-in than replacement of a shop”. He also added that the company has intrigued sales with value for years that he defined as “quality and low on price”.

But he reckoned that the shopping habits of the customer are changing and that they may not always need to choose out their own fresh produce.

On the call he said; that over time the delivery percentage of fresh will change, but by how much that needs to be waited and only time will say that.

As of now for customers, grocery delivery is becoming increasingly significant as they look forward saving time and convenience, as said by the super market analyst, David J. Livingston, who is also the founder of the DJL research.