It seems that Facebook keeps extending its territory in the United States. It now takes its step ahead to Virginia.

On Thursday the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe who is a Democrat announced that Facebook will be building its next data centre in the country of Henrico that’s just outside the Richmond.

All in all this Facebook (tech-30 FB) plans in investing $1 Billion in this state. The Company is including $250 million for several solar facilities, which will add power to the data centre, and $750 million for the construction cost, as stated by McAuliffe.

In an event, while announcing this decision McAuliffe said; that working with giant companies such as Facebook helps in the advancement and intriguing the position of Virginia in the global leader in the sphere of an economy of technology.

It is expected that this investment will create 100 full-time jobs.

From the state tax exemptions through 2035 Facebook will receive an amount of $19 million, as per the Economic Development Partnership of Virginia.

So far already Facebook has its data centre existing in North Carolina, Oregon, and lowa. In Fort Worth also it has its centres. More centres in Texas-New Mexico, Los Lunas, and New Albany. And at Ohio lately, it is under construction.

Despite Facebook holds as many criticisms by the Russians for buying 3000 ads that are brought to the platform during the time presidential election, the user base of the platform- and thus it keeps on flourishing.

The director of data centre strategy of Facebook; Rachel Peterson in a statement said- that “One of the many important factors in our search for a new data center location is being able to source clean and renewable energy. We also look for great partnerships within the local community, robust infrastructure … and a strong pool of local talent”.

In June Facebook achieved 2 billion monthly users.