Amidst surprising great events that Google hosted, silently it unveiled the Google Assistant App in the Play Store. At the I/O Google announced its launch of the AI based assistant and made its debut with a Pixel Smartphone. Following this Google then launched its Assistant on more Smartphone flagships, devices that run Android Marshmallow, and also iOS. In the Google Play Store Google Assistant isn’t actually the app, but the other form of accessing its features.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t perform any function for those who don’t have the Google Assistant installed in their Smartphone already. The app is just there to let you know about its compatibility with your device and also probably to get quicker updates. For several Smartphone companies, it has become a standard form of releasing particular apps in the Google Play Store for allowing them to update faster without having to wait for the next update of the Android.

In this release, Google Assistant acts a shortcut for the app to the android application that’s been already installed on the device. So it’s not exactly meant for downloading the app. As in the changelog Google notes, this is its first release of Google Assistant and so likely it will continue for updating the app.

Within the Google Play Store, the description of the app as Google notes; it offers users another way of launching the “personal digital assistant”, apart from it nothing less and more.

It is not of great help for those who already have Google Assistant installed on their phone, but just a way of triggering the digital assistant if that’s you were looking forward to. Compatible devices already have Assistant installed in them that can be operated by tapping and holding the “home button” or just by saying “Ok, Google”. This app hardly acts as an icon or widget that can tap and use for launching Assistant.