It was on Friday in Australia, when the Space-X CEO Elon Musk talked about something usual about the usage of rockets, at a conference. He said that if ships are made to travel to the Moon and Mars then why not build such rocket ships and use them here in our planet Earth for traveling across the world at greater speed?

He unfolds his idea on using rockets as a medium of transport on Earth and also says that it will let people travel from one city to the other with a minimum time of one hour.

Musk plan on building a mega-rocket for carrying astronauts to Mars has some job to do here in the homeland Earth as well, while he elaborates on his idea. He suggests using his “still-in-the-design” phase rocket to launch passengers from New York City to Shanghai in flat 39 minutes. Just within 25 minutes from LA to New York and in just 29 minutes from London to Dubai.

In Adelaide at the “International Astronautical Congress”, Musk stated that which most of the people consider as long journey will be over within less than half an hour. Later through the Instagram post, he stated that the cost of the seat should be of same with that of a full-fare plane economy ticket.

A while later just after unveiling his recent plans on flying his upcoming rocket of Space-X, called the “BFR” to the Mars and the Moon, he proposed on using the similar system for creating a transport system across various International cities.

The rocket will be lifting off from one city and once it reaches out the Earth’s atmosphere it will be split into half. The bottom half of the rocket will be a spaceship then heading to another planet, whilst the top half of the rocket would come back to Earth landing on a “launchpad” that’s floating on a specific destination.