Two days ago in New York, around 5 pm in the evening, Robert Bartkowski reached outside Nintendo in Rockefeller. His camping contributions are very self-effacing; some blankets, one chair, and plenty of patience.

Though it’s been subjected to the wilds of the New York City with no intention of ending, the 20-year-old seems to be in good spirit. He has come for buying the SNES Classic that too an hour early before the opening time of the shop, which is 9 A.M. When asked why so early to line up? It is only because the NES classic was being sold like hot cakes last year, so no taking any risk this year. If you are late you will barely get the chance to have your hands one. Thus lined up early may seem to be standing on the safe zone. No chance of missing SNES classic before there’s any chance of stock out.

Bartkowski is not the only who holds such reasoning. The people that are standing in the long queue behind him made it there a day early before the release of retro console of Nintendo. And behind those dedicated and obsessed fans, and even bigger line behind that, it passed the Midtown of Manhattan’s sidewalk crawling like a snake. The stretch of the queue is huge. It started from the shop’s door near the 48th street corner and 5th Ave stretching till the 50th and 6th. The line only cracks a bit for allowing any pedestrians or cars to pass, else no break.

There are other stores that are selling and a lot variety to choose from, Nintendo store isn’t the only one, but Nintendo fans are die hard loyal so for them having anything related to Nintendo is only through Nintendo store. That brings justice for them. Fans say Nintendo knows their fans and do nice stuff to enhance their buying experience.