Earlier this week in Seattle Amazon unleashed the Alexa-powered devices and services fo a future generation at its major first launch. In this very busy event of hardware launches, if your mind slipped any announcement by chance then here it is. The Echo Dot, Echo, and the Echo Show all of these now adopted the capabilities of placing voice calls to numbers for absolutely free in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. If you wish to receive calls from any regular number then you will require the $35 new Connect Box, which Amazon unfolded on Wednesday. This also lets you use your home landline numbers for Echo calls and can also dial emergency service numbers like; 911 or international numbers/premium rate.

Nevertheless it’s a cool upgrade from the initial version of Alexa calling that Amazon unveiled that only lets you make calls to other people or Echo owners with Alexa app installed in it having it set up on their own smart phones. But now you can just ask your Echo to make calls to anyone that belongs in your contact list. You can also pick out a particular number for dialling.

Once you are done setting Alexa messaging calling, your individual mobile number gets linked with the device and will pop up recipients whilst you make calls. One thing is bit absurd here is that it lets you dial your own number from the Echo. Though, you can sort this out by omitting your own number from the list and then it will no more display. In that case others will receive your number as “unknown caller” when your Echo makes a call to them. Currently “Caller ID” is the main problem with the Voice Call of Google.

Whatsoever, yet you can dictate text messages with Echo. The messaging capability of Alexa is Echo-to-Echo still now.