The CEO of Space-X Elon Musk sure has some big ambitions ahead and has in store some really “special announcements” to make. This announcement was stocked by him that he unfolded on Instagram by teasing images based on Mars and Moon after his presentation on Space-X’s “IITV” or the Interplanetary Transport Vehicles, named the “Moon Based Alpha” and “Mars City”, on Thursday.

The chief executive of Space-X and Tesla was scheduled to speak at the Australia’s “International Astronautical Congress” early morning this Friday, as per Easter time zone. On tweeter last night he tweeted that he has some special revelations to make, which was related to “making humanity multi-planetary”.

With the “Moon base Alpha” Musk gave a hint of how his vehicle will be tracing human life on the lunar surface. He revealed this sitting on the Moo just before his presentation regarding colonizing Mars. Though not much is known yet about these plans based on Moon but the idea itself makes a big visionary change for Musk.  About this colonizing plans of his, in a paper he wrote that; we could go to our Moon conceivably, and he has actually nothing to go against the Moon as it much smaller compared to a planet. But he thinks that it’s challenging in becoming multi-planetary on the Moon due to its small size, though later he changed his mind on the idea of “Conceivably”.

His second teasing on the ‘’Mars City” showcases the illustration of a domed glass city on Mars bathed in spotlights with Space-X’s giant colony ships of ITV. On an Instagram post Musk wrote a post saying; “Opposite of Earth, Dawn and Dusk sky are blue on Mars and day sky is red”.

While numerous space agencies along with China, Russia, and European space agency are interested in Missions on to the Moon, including various companies from pvt. Sector as well, by revealing his rocket that could be used in Moon Mission Musk had an active time selling his ideas to the customers.