The British government is all set to crack down on illegal immigrants. The banks and building societies are set to carry out a check on 70 million bank accounts in the United Kingdom. The accounts will be scanned for any suspected illegal immigrants and subsequent action will be taken against them. The authorities look to identify close to about 6,000 visa overstayers, failed asylum seekers and foreign national offenders. These will be deported back to their native countries.

The accounts of illegal immigrants will be frozen to make it harder for them to stay in the UK. The aim of freezing accounts and assets is to prompt voluntary movement of illegal immigrants out of the United Kingdom. The banks have been sent a set of directives to be followed. Any glitches in bank accounts are to be reported to the government. Even in the cases where account holders have a passport or biometric residence permit, the matter is to be reported to the Home Office immediately.

The new regulation directs the banks to check the identity of every current account holder. The details of the account holder are to be tallied with the Home Office supplied database. Based on the data illegal immigrants will be removed or deported from Britain. There are some safeguards included saving any immigrants from falsely getting deported. The implementation of such law is part of the Immigration Act 2016.  This is a measure to create a hostile environment for illegal immigrants.

The banks have been directed that there is no need for them to contact the account holder before taking any action. Also, there is no additional documentary evidence required to cease or freeze any bank account. The banks so far are simply complying with the Immigration Act 2016 and the checks impacted on all customers regardless of nationality.