Today Intel announced the launch of its new line up of 8th Generation Core series for Desktop PCs. All of these series of CPUs have additional cores than ever before. With the launch of these mainstream desktop chips that also includes the 6-core/12 thread Core i7-8700K, which Intel claims to be the best gaming chip ever? Apart from these two high ends new Core i7-8700 and i7-8700K that features12 threads and six cores, the new Core i5-8400 and Core i5-8600K also includes six cores but without any Hyper threading. While the Core i3-8100 and the Core i3-8350K has four physical cores and no Hyper-threading. All of the recently new launched 6 processors are based on the “14nm ++” Coffee Lake architecture of Intel. This is the second of the three variant architectures on which the 8thGeneration portfolio will be based.

As per stated by the general manager, Anand Srivastava, of the desktop platform group, the orders for the new Core desktop chips of Intel will start on October 5. Later in the fourth quarter they will be initiating with the shipping. Though, it was not mentioned by the Intel executives about the new chips as a part of the family of “Coffee Lake”.

Out of the six new desktop chips that Intel introduced, the flagship Core i7-8700K is the core offering clearly and this is the one that Srivastava asserted as the best processor for gaming so far. This new Core i7-8700K will be offering 25% additional in frames per second running “Gears of War 4” of Microsoft vs. with its 7th Generation Core i7-7700K, which is a 4 core, 8 thread part. Multitasking will be enormously 45% faster than a 7th Gen part before, as said by the executives. Though, about the streaming, gaming, popular player, recording are still not known clearly.