If you are one among those gamers who love monsters and enjoy playing with them then this game might be just the one you were looking for. Since an action RPG-series of Monster Hunter was developed by the Capcom and was exploded in PSP, the series had over 40 million units sold. Monster is one of those games that’s handheld and is very weird as you get to learn controls with every passing series and it has hidden rules in it. The move sets of the weapons and the location specific damage is what makes this game series different from the rest and is precious.

Now if you thinking how Monster Hunter World holds any difference from the Monster Hunter series then well let’s dig into it. From the glance of the short press release and trailer, Monster Hunter World seems to be the biggest refurbish of the series. From technical perspective it’s so far the most advanced and notes that for the first time the Capcom has introduced all new Monster Hunter Game for any system that’s proves this much powerful; the 2nd and the original were on PS2 first, the 3rd were on Wii, whilst the 4th and Generations were developed to be in 3Ds.

If not given any second thought, Monster Hunter by far is the prettiest. Capcom has made some changes with this with no longer segmented World Maps and some major changes in elements for the game play. This aims that you will no longer have to face any loading times while transitioning from one area to the next. Capcom also adds that the breathing and living ecosystem features of the environment can be used an advantage in the game.

Though the trailer indicates only a solo paying is finding its way through across the world for hunting monsters. Nevertheless, the game does feature a multi-player system with new drop-in levels, something new than the earlier game. This Monster Hunter World is mostly accessible for the audience residing in Western part.