On website, Amazon stated that it was reviewing its website after a report by the British Television where it said that algorithms of the online retail giant were automatically recommending the ingredients of bomb-making items that were brought together frequently.

The news precisely convenient in Britain, where the authorities are scrutinizing about terror attacks on the underground subway systems of London, last week. As per news 30 people were injured on this attack. The terrorist attack had involvement of crude explosive inside a bucket within a plastic bag. It was exploded on a train during the busy hours in the morning.

On Wednesday the Company said in a statement after a British Media Company called the Channel4 News, reported about the items, such as; remote detonators and steel ball bearings were seem to be in the sections of “frequently bought together” along with “Customers who bought this also bought”, after customers bought completely normal innocent products like cooking related ingredients. All the products were not of totally illegal purchase, they were legal as per the news by Channel 4.

On an outlet that was reported on Monday, all items were individually legal to purchase, they started to make up the requirement of components of an explosive device that was homemade. Growing awareness has been made regarding the automated systems for taking more responsibilities on such sites.

In a statement, the company said that all of the products that are sold on Amazon must adhere to their selling guidelines and they only sell products that comply with the law of the UK. Due to recent happenings, it’s re-checking its websites in order to ensure that all the products are presented in the rightful listed manner.

The company also mentioned that it would proceed with the work for a close acquaintance with the law enforcement agencies and the police. Thus, if circumstances wake up it can assist their investigation process.