One of the most mind-blowing games and also the most anticipated one of this year, “Destiny 2” is finally available on Play Station-4 and Xbox. The game unveiled on September 9 and tons of people say about 9 million already have their hands rolling on it.

Destiny 2 is simply a stunning game of the first-person shooter that’s simply made luxurious with their top of the rated game developers. In Destiny 2, there are a few moments of exploration that simply feels revelatory, as simply there are mind-blowing vistas and enthralling battles. Spending a great amount of time at the game’s character menu will help you to find out more boots to increase the power level of your character in the game.

The stunning part about “Destiny 2” and that of video games making it a more gripping platform is the interactivity, storytelling, and the interplay of the systems. Just because it’s the most anticipated it necessarily doesn’t have to be good, well that part is a debate though, but in terms of a shooting game yes no doubt it’s so far the best and is pretty as well.

Destiny 2” can also be played online that takes the initiative in storytelling with the experience of a multi-player. In integration to that “Destiny 2” is a first-person shooter only insofar, and it is the only one main form of interaction with the world of this game. If you want to know what the game really is? Then to say from the core of the game it’s “a loot game”. The loot system is only a way in putting people to incentives playing the same one mission over again. It will forever push you to the next hit of dopamine.

In short “Destiny 2” is simply brilliant; it is also very terrible and also complicated at the same time.