The old version of wireless charging will no longer support the charging system of the new iPhone-x and iPhone 8. Thus new updates on wireless charging will hit the star-bucks store soon that will support the new wireless charging of the iPhone-X.

Earlier this week Apple announced that the new iPhone of its Company will have support for wireless charging via the Qi standard. But so far about the concern of the wireless charging in the Starbucks, there seems a catch; as the charging Pads of the Starbucks from “Powermat” supports a different standard known as the PMA.

According to a Slash Gear interview with Itay Sherman, the Powermat CTO, he said that the issue is solvable. He stated that the parts of the pads were designed in a way that it is made as generic as possible that will support all possible standards. Moreover they are also connected with the backend of Powermat that makes it possible to operate the update of the software remotely.

This in a way means that the charging pads at Starbucks can be now updated remotely that will support the Qi Standard without any necessity of huge hardware installation project.

For those who cannot go a day without having a sip of Starbuck’s coffee will now be able to charge their new iPhone-X and 8 and iPhone 8 plus wirelessly. This news was reported first by Slash Gear and later was confirmed to the CNET.

Apple is finally getting into the world of wireless charging with its new trio invention of iPhones. Though this case isn’t new to the Samsung with its premium set Samsung Galaxy phones, which is into the sphere of wireless charging over a year now, and it’s the first time we will experience this thing with the iPhones. This adoption of the wireless charging by the Apple’s iPhone horde will surely give the feature a boost that it required for a real catch on.

Those who already posses a phone that is capable of wireless charging and already then you can charge it directly on the chargers at the Starbucks. Similarly iPhone can be charged too at Starbucks now, once the Powermat software that’s connected to its cloud server, gets updated over air soon.