The CEO of Tesla Elon Musk is all set to unfold an all-electric semi-truck this 26th of October in the region of Hawthorne, California, which is a home to the design studio of the automaker and the billionaire n=entrepreneur one other Company named Space-X.

Tesla has started entering the markets and fighting business tooth and nail to bring the high-end electric vehicles to the markets into the sphere of heavy duty trucks that Elon has been promising quite past times now.

The billionaire tech industrialist Elon Musk just tweeted on Twitter that Tesla will unfold it’s biggest and consider also the costliest electric vehicle. The vehicle is a battery powered and the test drives will be schedules October 26 that is not yet precisely said, leaving a tricky space to push back the release date further. This he tweeted on his account on Wednesday. He also added saying in real it would be very “unrealistic” to have a glance of this “beast” that’s “worth seeing”.

Musk has been uttering about the Tesla’s plan for heavy truck over a year now. But he never specified anything about the range/charge or the hauling capability of such giant vehicle that it would consist of.

The idea of introducing an electric semi truck that will be an alternative to diesel carried truck was first brought into discussion last year in the long-term Master Plan of Tesla. “Part Deux”, “The Master Plan” that was posted on 2016 in the company’s blog by Elon, said about building a massive sustainable energy in the eco-system. It includes the semi electric trucks, high-destiny passenger cars, and pickups, all of which would be powered by the integrated battery and solar systems.

Last year, Musk also wrote in a statement that the semi electric truck would bring a substantial reduction in the cargo transport cost with added extra safety and also fun in operating. Since then Musk only came up with one Tesla Semi’s teaser image and commented on a prototype text drive-that it called a “spry” vehicle.

This latter half of 2017 is a great moment for Tesla as it will be starting with Model 3 production. Its semi-project may turn the truck industry also.