The US NTSB or the National Transportation Safety Board found out that the Autopilot system of Tesla was to be partly blamed for such a fatal accident that took place after the collision of the Model-S with a lorry.

The Federal investigators said that Tesla overlooked in understanding the fact of limitations of the Semi-Autonomous Autopilot. The NTSB also proposed that the regulators and the builders of the semi-automated car take steps to ensure the security of such systems for not letting it to be misused.

It also said that the collision may never have happened.

There should be stated where lawmakers should require the automated car companies for using new technology that actively pushes the driver to pay extra attention to the roads whilst driving partially semi-automated cars, as stated by the officials of Transportation safety on Tuesday.

As per the ruling that follows the concordant recommendation of the National Transport Safety Board that the Tesla the Silicon Valley Automaker shared the blame for the first deadly crash that took place involving such car.

In May 2016 the crash took away the life of the Tesla driver Joshua Brown of age 40. The driver of the truck that was pulling the trailer was uninjured.

In a meeting to take an insight of the investigation, Christopher Hart, a member of the NTSB said, in this crash, the Tesla’s system worked as per design, but it was equipped to perform limited tasks in a limited range of surrounding.

Tesla has permitted the driver to use the system out of the environment that it was designed for, thus giving the driver far more leeway to divert his attention from driving and doing other stuff.

Joshua Brown is an Ohio resident and got killed when his Model-S electric luxury car hit at a high speed with a semi-truck whilst operating Tesla’s self-accelerating braking, and steering.

NTSB reported that both the drivers had 10 seconds time for spotting each other but none had any evasive actions taken, as per evidence found. The agency didn’t have any exchange of words with the truck driver, who didn’t prove to be friendly in the investigation.