The much talked about iPhone-X that is generally pronounced as iPhone “ten” is expected to launch later this year. This type of phone is something that Apple will be introducing for the first time. As rumors going yes the phone comes with an edge to edge display. More ever with a 5.8’’ inch OLED screen that’s also something new to come across with Apple, it says there will be different technologies within the phone that will make the colors pop in an absolute way.

iPhone-X will also be the first iPhone ever that’s done with its iconic “home button”, the one that was made popular for the first time by Apple on its phone. It also has a glass back for a next gen wireless charging. This new iPhone is also the first to introduce a new “Face ID” to secure the phone more and unlock it in a completely new way for paying in the check-out line.

Diving further in Tim Cook was unwavering that this diligently crafted device is the mirror that showcasing the future of smartphones and he was accurate in his thought now it seems. After all, anything that Apple brings to its devices is what the rest of the market has to respond to. The iPhone-X is a new and only device from Apple that will have “optical image stabilization” for both its 12-megapixel rear cameras and a portrait mode on its secondary camera despite having one lens and not two. There will be some feature for animated emojis to add some extra fun.

With the launch of this iPhone-X Apple will not be abandoning its iPhone8 and iPhone8 plus as it’s been planning to feature all its latest hyped smart device for 2017 in a row, which it’s been planning to do for years.

The iPhone-X along with iPhone8 and iPhone-8 plus are also the first ones to introduce the Apple’s iOS 11 software that brings along improvements for its Siri, the notifications, and the lock screen. There are many such small surprises waiting for you.

For no, two main curious facts are; whether its bold step to vanish the home button will cause any obstacle for using the phone, and will there any benefit to unlock the phone using face?