The US president Donald Trump has been phone called by Theresa May in a bid for saving British job at aircraft manufacturing company Bombardier.

The prime minister has urged the US president for helping broker a trade deal for protecting thousands of jobs in Belfast.

Bombardier, Canadian aerospace company that employs Belfast’s about 4,500 people and accounts for Northern Ireland’s 10% manufacturing exports that are currently facing important costs in a spat with the Boeing, which is US’s Aeronautics powerhouse.

She pleaded to Trump after the legal conflict between the two rivals’ aircraft builders that threatens to destroy Northern Ireland’s thousands of jobs.

The dispute includes the American aircraft builder Boeing, and its Canadian competitor Bombardier. Bombardier is accused by Boeing for receiving an unfair support from the state for its C-series plan, along with a loan that’s given to it, worth £113 million by the British government.

It is expected that the US department of Commerce will announce a decision on September 25 whether it should impose duties against Bombardier.

Whatsoever, the government of Britain has been vigorously influencing in the US for a compromise between the two rival companies among growing concern about the strong implications for Belfast’s operation of Bombardier.

Hence it is known now that Mrs. May has raised the matter with the US president last week in a phone call says the “Times Reports”.

The International trade commission that is US based is set to make a basic ruling in this case in the ending of this month. As predicted by the analysts, if the Commission doesn’t rule for Bombardier, then the company’s Belfast factory might be closed forcefully. This will put 4,500 jobs at risk.

The Times reports also add that May requested the help of Trump after the request of Foster, DUP leader. May is dependent on his support for running a government to function.