Not a long ago the Floridians received a life threat as Hurricane Irma barrelled toward the state of Florida, now comes another threat. Before the storm could touch the foot of Florida, about 5 million inhabitants, which one-third of Florida’s population- were asked to evacuate from the state for their self-safety. Rick Scott the Governor even pleaded saying that not to wait and evacuate immediately.

As the residents of this state were doing as per stated, a restaurant in the storm’s path-Pizza Hut issued a warning totally otherwise. It said that the employees of the restaurant could face a disciplinary action if they missed any duty shifts. In Jacksonville, a Management at a Pizza Hut posted that a memo of employee demanding employees not to evacuate over 24 hours before the storm and to be back within 72 hours, as per reports of Washington Posts.

The sheet had general rules written- the store will shut down 6-12 hours before a storm-and if any team member wishes to evacuate, they must have an alert set to the manager and also their resuming time, stated that a member is only permitted with a “24 hours” before the storm called the “grace period” and should be back within 72hoursr after evacuation.

For a Tuesday storm even one cannot evacuate Friday – the paper statement read before iterating that after the grace period of 24 hours one must be back to work as per their scheduled shifts.

The photo of the memo that had written such stuff now went viral over the weekend on Twitter. The memo had statements written in it, workers whoever if fails to the assigned shifts at job would be further considered a “no show/no call” and a written document will be issued regarding it.

Users on Twitter had an immediate negative response to this tweet, saying that Company bothers more of its profits than its employees.