Just after the announcement of Apple’s ARKit at its annual developer’s conference, the app-making industry has shown off what Apple has been able to make with the latest framework for AR (augmented reality) apps. Though ARKit has not been officially launched yet demos of AR fidget spinners, fancy cars, and floating cats configurators are available on iPhones.

Sounds groundbreaking stuff but sometimes it’s about fun. Apple determined to show off other demonstrations of augmented reality apps that are going to roll out with iOS 11. Several app developers gathered to show the demo of their upcoming AR apps at Apple’s campus in Cupertino and have a conversation over their development processes that include brands like Ikea, Giphy, AMC TV, The Food Network and more.

Some prominent iOS developers such as UK-based Climax Studio and Brooklyn-based Touch Press discuss how relatively simple it was to design an ARKit app and would take just six to eight weeks maximum. Many conversations were going on about the technical aspects that have been wide open with ARKit.

But the developers pointed out that the real game-changer in AR would be the giant audience of Apple Company as it has millions of iPhone and iPad users worldwide. A well-known multi-national company called Apple and Google both are on the same platform to expand AR reach in a significant way. Talking about the real beginning of mobile augmented reality platform war, it was probably begun in this era before the fall hardware season has started.

Ikea is the latest AR app of Apple popularly known as Ikea Place. Ikea Place is a direct competitor of other apps especially Google’s Tango. Just open the Ikea app in your phone and using the camera measure the space around you. Now place Ikea furniture and then get the actual size, material, and texture of the item. For instance, if you place a sofa cum bed, then the app will give you the idea of much space it will take if you open the sofa. Apple is trying to make the App as realistic as possible and reach maximum people. Arise is another AR game that has been designed for iPhone. In this game, you have to physical tilt the phone to solve virtual puzzles. The reason that makes ARKit is that it runs on all the devices that have an A9 processor and iOS 11 software in beta phase. So any iPhone 6S or later and iPad will have this feature. Thankfully Apple has full control over iPhone and iPad production so users can expect a totally great experience.

Apple has certainly made some highly noticeable technical advancement with ARKit. A cool feature that ARKit enables is ‘world tracking’ which is based on a technique called visual-inertial odometry. This is something new, something never tried before. Most of the earlier AR games on phones were based on 2D while Apple is now taking about 3D AR.

‘Our World or the Walking Dead AR’ is another great app. In this app, you can hide objects in an augmented reality world. The users can play a game to reveal them at different points in the game. Some ARKit apps will also be multiplayer too. To avoid the low battery life and gimmicky apps with AR platforms, Apple is making sure that the iPhone and iPad don’t get plagued by this.